Sleepy Baby – This Light’s for You

This past weekend was the kick off event for Pregnancy Awareness Month in Los Angeles. We were excited to be a part of the event and to have the wonderful Dr. Greene at our booth discussing the importance of infant sleep one on one with parent’s to be. Dr. Greene emphasized how the right light can help us get back to a more natural kind of living. Right now, we don’t get enough light during the day, and we get too much light at night. And, our LED lights, like the Sleepy Baby Light help solve this problem. With infant’s, maintaining and developing a natural sleep / wake cycle can be even more challenging. Infants rely on their mother’s milk for their melatonin supply in the first few months after birth. A mother’s circadian rhythm can have a direct effect on their baby. We learned at the event that sleep for both baby and parents is one of the main concerns that pediatricians hear from their patients. Having the right light available can be instrumental in developing a sound rhythm. Being at PAM was a great experience, and we look forward to going back again!

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