Sexy Lighting Fixture Ideas That Will Change Your Home

Light Fixtures

You long to change the look and feel of your home. Make it a place that stirs the emotions and excites the senses. So you ponder, should you upgrade the carpet and furniture? Add a wall mirror or two? Enlarge the master bedroom? Paint and wallpaper? The task list could reach the moon. While wrestling with the possibilities, you might want to consider lighting fixtures.

New lighting fixtures are an easy, often inexpensive, way to freshen up the aesthetic appeal of your home, to give it a chic, sexy luster. Today’s homeowner has more choices than there are stars in the sky. Readily available is a treasure trove of mood-enhancing styles, arrangements, colors, and shapes. So what are the possibilities? Here are some sexy lighting fixture ideas that can make any room irresistible.

Start From the Top

Chandeliers and hanging lights can paint a room in elegant tones and textures. They also can create distracting shadows. So be sure to position these lights so that they minimize shadows.

In the excitement department, the tried and true crystal chandelier is losing ground to the more adventurous contemporary chandelier. Not bound by convention, the modern chandelier is being used as the signature piece for rooms. The chandelier trends are currently heading in two directions: Industrial and Artistic.

Industrial: Dangling exposed, filament light bulbs from industrial materials, like pulleys, have become extremely popular. They look great are easy DIY projects.

industrial lights

Artistic: Many home decorators are using their chandeliers as an opportunity to add an element of art to the room. These chandeliers can take virtually any form imaginable – from dazzling space-themed showpieces to simple geometric lines and spheres.

art lights

Green is Good

Why not make a fashion statement while making an environmental statement? You can choose from an exhilarating assortment of green lighting fixtures for any room. Often composed of recycled glass and metal, these modern marvels of eco-friendliness typically use energy-saving lights such as LED bulbs. These fixtures never forget they must look good working for a cleaner planet. Green lighting is available in a wide range of trendy, contemporary designs perfect for the modern aesthete.

The Lost Light Fixture

A new trend that is popping up, is light fixtures that are hidden or blend in with the wall. To conjure up this irresistible mood, try a tasteful arrangement of wall lights.  An excellent example of this is the poster light created by Tokyo-based design studio, YOY.


Wake Up, Rembrandt

Do your once-impressive wall paintings seem to be just ‘hanging around’? Focused lighting can re-awaken your masterpieces. Excellent and inexpensive way for bringing about the desired transformation, for those of us who can’t afford track lighting, are low-wattage bulbs mounted on frames or nearby wall areas. These strategically placed lights focus directly on the images, giving them a whole new vibrancy.


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