New LED Lights Up for U.S. Naval Bases

Prolific Streetlight

Night-shot of Prolific Streetlight

Lighting Science has just recently finished a major installation relighting the streetscapes, parking lots and residence quarters Port Hueneme & Point Mugu located in Ventura County in California.  Port Hueneme has served the Navy since 1942 and for 57 years Point Mugu has supported not only the Seabees, but the Army, Air Force and Marines as well.  “The entire project at the two bases will reduce our energy consumption by 440,000 KwH (Kilowatt Hours) which translates into a reduction of 316 metric tons of CO2 emissions and will cut our annual utility bill by approximately $57,000, based on the average Ventura County, CA utility rate of 13.5 cents/kWh,” said Tom Santoianni, Energy Manager for Naval Base Ventura County. “This helps us to set the environmental standard for U.S. Naval Bases.”


Using our ultra-efficient, long-life LED luminaires built in the USA, a total of 1,178 existing lighting fixtures were replaced. 430 Flat LowBay replaced the existing and older high pressure sodium cobra head street lighting fixtures throughout the residential areas. We used 449 WallPack luminaires to illuminate the exterior walkways of the bachelor housing facilities.  Since the fixtures contain and on-board occupancy sensor that reduces fixture wattage and light output when it senses inactivity, a considerable amount of energy will be saved during the early morning hours when residents are in their rooms.  105 of our ShoeBox luminaires which are low maintenance and glare free were installed to replace traditional parking and general area lighting fixtures.


“For one of the largest lighting retrofits in Naval history, we chose Lighting Science Group products based on performance, thermal management, quality components, cost and aesthetics,” said Santoianni. “These lighting solutions deliver the best light distribution, excellent color, optimum performance, and are ultra-efficient in meeting our energy, environmental and design needs.” It was great to be part of this project especially since these bases have been such a huge support to the U.S. Navy for so many years and also provide Ventura County with the largest number of jobs.


As Zach Gibler (CEO of Lighting Science) said, “The federal government, as the nation’s largest energy consumer, has a tremendous opportunity and clear responsibility to lead by example. Investing in Lighting Science Group’s LED products will not only reduce the Government’s energy bill, but also lead to a range of other important benefits including safeguarding our environment and increasing our energy independence. The steps that NBVC has taken should serve as a leading example for military bases and government facilities nationwide.” The opportunity to show the Government that LEDs can save on energy and costs is a huge step forward for the LED lighting industry.

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