Natural Lighting is the Wake Up Call for Sleepy Students

Bishop O'Connell - Lighting Science Awake & Alert Case Study

From way up there in the NASA space station to our own earthbound classrooms, natural lighting has a significant impact on human functioning. In this video, students and staff at Bishop O’Connell High School reveal how deep that impact can be.

You’ll learn the reason why so many students (and many of the rest of us) feel sleepy and sluggish during the day. Hint — it has nothing to do with coffee deprivation.

You’ll also hear individual students and teachers share their personal experiences with the school’s recently installed ‘Awake and Alert’ biological lighting system. While each had his or her own particular reaction to the system, all agree the new LED Light Bulbs light brought improvements in the areas of energy, alertness, attentiveness. More learning. Less texting.

The takeaway from this inside look is a better understanding on how biological LED Light Bulbs light can help improve your own pursuits – whether academic, occupational, recreational, or domestic. Enjoy!

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