60862281_040November 16, 2016 (West Warwick, RI) – Lighting Science today announced a collaboration agreement with iHome, a division of consumer electronics manufacturer SDI Technologies.  Under the terms of the two-year agreement, the two technology leaders will explore the incorporation of Lighting Science’s patented spectrum control technology into iHome’s Zenergy product line.  The agreement also includes co-marketing provisions, including the endorsement of nationally-renowned sleep expert Dr. Michael J. Breus, who currently serves as a member of Lighting Science’s Scientific Advisory Board.

“This promises to be a very exciting relationship,” said Lighting Science CEO Ed Bednarcik.  “Leveraging our dynamic light spectrum technology will allow iHome to take their innovative product line to the next level, while at the same time Lighting Science will benefit from iHome’s strong brand and extensive channel access.”

As part of the collaboration agreement, Lighting Science will include a coupon good for 20 percent off of its patented GoodNight® and Sleepy Baby® bulbs in every box of iHome’s Zenergy product line for the duration of the agreement.  Lighting Science’s GoodNight and Sleepy Baby bulbs have been scientifically-proven to help adults, children and infants fall asleep faster—and stay asleep longer.

“My patients are often surprised to learn that the blue light spectrum common in most household lighting has a very stimulating effect,” said Dr. Breus.  “Unlike traditional incandescent lighting, the GoodNight and Sleepy Baby bulbs have been scientifically engineered to filter out stimulating blue light spectrum, which promotes a good night’s rest by supporting the body’s natural production of the sleep hormone melatonin.”

According to Bednarcik, iHome is just the latest to take advantage of Lighting Science’s “Powered by Lighting Science” business model, which allows third parties, such as iHome, to benefit from the technology and relationships that Lighting Science has to offer, while still selling products using their own brand and channels.

Lighting Science is the global leader in patented human health-focused LED lighting solutions, which it originally developed in collaboration with NASA to help regulate the circadian rhythms of astronauts on the International Space Station.  Their innovative lighting products have been scientifically-engineered to help regulate hormone release, and promote healing, regeneration and performance optimization.  In addition to their HealthE™ lighting series, Lighting Science also produces a robust line of cutting-edge, high-quality, sustainable and environmentally-friendly commercial and residential lighting products.

iHome, a division of SDI technologies, manufactures and markets a broad range of consumer electronics that set new standards for quality and innovation in various categories.  SDI’s key product lines include alarm clocks, clock radios, portable speakers, home audio systems, headphones and smartphone/tablet accessories.  SDI markets these products under the iHome and Timex brands.


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Lighting Science (OTCQB:LSCG) is a global leader in innovative LED lighting solutions that designs, manufactures and brings to market advanced, intelligent products for consumer and commercial applications. We are committed to using the science of light to improve the lives and health of people and our planet by inventing breakthrough, biologically-friendly LED lamps and lighting fixtures. Lighting Science is headquartered in West Warwick, RI, with research and development facilities in Cocoa Beach, Florida, and offices in China.  Find out more about us and our products at and join us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the Lighting Science Blog.