Lighting Science Group Unveils Revolutionary New Products at 2015 LightFair

Innovations to Include Lights That Improve Health and Wellness and Next Generation Infrastructure Products  

With a unique emphasis on science and technology, we have always approached lighting differently from other industry leaders. That difference is especially apparent in a range of new products we premiered in our booth at Light Fair International 2015 – the world’s largest annual architectural and commercial lighting conference held on May 5 – 7, 2015 at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City.

“Lighting Science has always viewed the function and potential of lighting beyond simple illumination.” says CEO Ed Bednarcik. “The products we will be highlighting at Light Fair this year take that approach to an unparalleled level. We really believe that an historical global shift has begun in how lights will be utilized and these new products are at the forefront of that revolution.” Many of the new products featured at Lighting Science’s Lightfair booth included those from The Rhythm Series – specially designed biological lights that offer a wide range of health and wellness benefits. These include the new Sleepy Baby™ lamp to encourage proper sleep pattern development in infants, as well as a next generation Good Night™ lamp.

“The link between human biology and lights has been well documented “, said Fred Maxik, CTO and Founder of Lighting Science. “With the new biological lights developed by Lighting Science Group, that link really moves from a research topic to products available in the marketplace. It has evolved from research and medical studies to real products that people can use in their homes and workplaces around the globe.”

In addition to The Rhythm Series, a number of other new products were also featured that reflect significant advances in design, energy efficiency, and functionality. Among these are:

The Marquee Series – warm, nostalgic looking LED filament lamps that give you the look of a traditional incandescent lamp with the energy savings of an LED.

The Avenue Series – our revolutionary new Mini™ and FreeLED™ roadway systems that take infrastructure lighting to a whole new level.

Visitors to Lighting Science’s Light Fair booth were given the opportunity to hear firsthand from Company executives about our initiatives, as well as meet some of the world’s top scientific experts who are leading the fusion between health and lighting.

“We view this event as a time to reconnect with current customers, as well as to meet new ones.” said Lighting Science EVP of Business Development, Pete Rumsey.

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