Lighting Science® Debuts Bold New Vision for 2016

Global leader in Human Health Lighting debuts new identity, innovative packaging system and digital presence as product line expands

March 17, 2016 (Providence, RI) – Lighting Science, the global technology leader in human health focused LED solutions, today unveils a bold new brand identity designed to more accurately communicate the mission of the company and its groundbreaking products. The brand relaunch coincides with the expansion of Lighting Science’s line of biologically-tuned LED products including the Sleepy Baby®, GoodNight™, and GoodDay™ bulbs which emit pre-sleep and awake & alert spectrums of light, respectively. The redesigned visuals reflect the brand’s rich scientific heritage, including the company’s research and development in creating the first lighting systems for NASA that regulated the circadian rhythms of astronauts on the international space station.

The new brand identity includes a logo that suggests a sun and moon above a horizon; a user-friendly website featuring an e-commerce engine and the launch of The Lab, a resource hub for curious consumers that highlights developments in the industry of light, and an “Ask the Experts” function where consumers can ask industry leaders pressing questions related to health, light, science, and the environment; and an innovative packaging system (debuting in physical form this summer) that uses markedly less material than standard product packaging.

With their newly expanded HealthETM series, featuring products with scientifically-proven health benefits for users at home, at work, or in space, Lighting Science is continuing its commitment to innovation through their patented technologies for commercial industry and the everyday consumer. HealthE™ products are engineered to influence our natural circadian rhythms, regulating hormone release and allowing our bodies to heal, regenerate, and optimize performance over a 24-hour cycle. Along with the company-wide rebranding, Lighting Science is positioned to reassert their authority as eco-conscious innovators and scientific community thought leaders challenging accepted notions of LED technology and championing the health effects of light.

“At Lighting Science we are on a mission to create the tools that will build a better world and provide people with healthier environments in which to work and live,” said CEO Ed Bednarcik, who recently relocated the company’s headquarters from Melbourne, FL to Providence, RI. “ We want the Lighting Science brand to be synonymous with wellness and innovation. We are creating products that don’t exist in the marketplace. It signals a new era for Lighting Science and a giant leap for LED technology.”

Previously titled the Rhythm Series and today relaunched as The HealthETM Series, the comprehensive line of human health lighting solutions use optimized spectrum to improve human health and mental acuity, enhancing our ability to learn, concentrate, and perform better by day and sleep more restoratively at night; help farmers to grow more nutritious and sustainable crops, and even help wildlife to coexist within their natural habitats without disruption from the built environment of the 21st Century.
“We constantly strive to create technology that not only improves human life, but improves the lives of future generations,” says Lighting Science founder and chief scientist Fred Maxik. “It’s clear that light is capable of doing things never imagined before. We can build the hospital of tomorrow, the school of tomorrow, the home of tomorrow – today.”

About Lighting Science

Lighting Science Group Corporation (OTCQB:LSCG) is a global leader in innovative LED lighting solutions that designs, manufactures and brings to market advanced, intelligent products for consumer and commercial applications.  We are committed to using the science of light to improve the lives and health of people and our planet by inventing breakthrough, biologically-friendly LED lamps and lighting fixtures. Lighting Science Group is headquartered in West Warwick, Rhode Island, with offices in Melbourne, Florida and Hong Kong.  Find out more about us and our products at and join us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the Lighting Science Blog.

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