The L-Bar: A Lightweight LED Linear Poised to Change the Industry

The Lightweight, Wet-Rated L-Bar™ Linear

The Lightweight, Wet-Rated L-Bar™ Linear

There is no denying that fluorescent linears dominate the commercial market, where they account for approximately 80 percent of installed lamps. Who hasn’t sat in an office, or in a sea of cubicles and looked up to see troffer after troffer lining the ceiling filled with fluorescent lights.  Imagine the cost of having to install one of those clunky, metal troffers?  Imagine having to hoist a heavy, 25-pound troffer 10 feet in the air and try to balance it while you install it into your ceiling?  Not a fun job to be sure.  But what if I told you that Lighting Science has a new LED linear that that could replace an entire troffer AND weighs only about 1 pound!  Then, what if I told you that linear could be highly functional while giving you amazing light output at the same time.  Let me introduce you to the much anticipated L-Bar LED Linear.

The high-performance L-Bar™ is an LED linear delivering up to 4,500 lumens/150 lumens per Watt. It is so energy-efficient and effective that just one L-Bar luminaire can replace a traditional 25 pound 2’x4’ fluorescent troffer!  The wet-rated L-Bar has a slim, flat, visually appealing design and costs 50% less than both traditional LED and fluorescent solutions.  It utilizes 95% less material and it can be suspended or mounted directly to the ceiling because it weighs only 19 ounces!  That’s pretty incredible performance for such a lightweight luminaire.

L-Bar Installed in Hi-Tech Office Environment to Replace Legacy Troffers

(2) L-Bar Installed in a High-Tech Office Environment

Imagine the Design Possibilities

If you’re looking for a lighting solution that is esthetically pleasing and offers you a variety of choice, then look no further than L-Bar. The possibilities for where you can use it are endless.  Whether mounting it directly to the ceiling, hanging them suspended by mounting brackets or utilizing them under cabinets in work spaces, L-Bar is ideal for all your illumination places.  Also, because its light is not confined inside a troffer – where you lose light quality due to diffusion and indirect reflection- the L-Bar gives you high-color quality and the ability to put crisp, clear light precisely where you need it.  It features a beam angle of approximately 200°, and its uniform, wide light distribution means you get more useful light to use.  Constructed from tough, long-lasting polycarbonate for maximum durability, L-Bar is wet-rated and ideal for a variety of your indoor/outdoor locations.

Sustainable Focus

When engineering our products, Lighting Science’s team is committed to creating innovative products that continuously challenge the current material-heavy designs and dependency on materials to achieve true sustainability. The L-Bar’s design was no exception.  It was conceived to be a sustainable, super high-efficiency linear that consumed far less energy than its competitors. The L-Bar’s slim profile requires 95% less material and uses 80% less packaging than comparable lighting solutions, which significantly decreases associated product waste.  Due to its lightweight construction, you will save money on everything from shipping and handling to installation and energy consumption.  And remarkably, it costs up to 50% less than both traditional LED and legacy fluorescent solutions.

The Numbers Speak For Themselves


L-Bar offers better quality light, higher output, durability and uses minimal materials.

Visually, when looking at an L-bar compared to a standard fluorescent troffer, it’s easy to see a physical difference. One is large and heavy, and the other is sleek and lightweight.  But the true difference is in the numbers.  A standard fluorescent 2’x4’ troffer weighs approximately 25 pounds (400 ounces) and delivers about 4000 lumens.  Now take a look at L-Bar.  It weighs approximately 19 ounces and delivers 4,500 lumens!  That’s an incredible difference!  The troffer produces only about 160 lumens per pound compared to the super-efficient L-Bar which produces approximately 3792 lumens per pound!  That is an incredible amount of lumens and light quality from a slender linear!

L-Bar’s form factor creates a flexibility for its user not often found when looking into lighting solutions. It offers better quality and durability, flexible environment options, and higher output while using minimal materials and with little waste. You can currently see the L-Bar being installed in a variety of spaces and in various applications, including retails chains, restaurants, commercial and industrial office spaces, warehouses, garages and nightclubs.  The possibilities are truly endless!

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