Jingle Bulbs: One LED Equals Many Holiday Gifts

If you don’t know what to get those special someones this holiday season, why not stuff a few stockings with LED light bulbs? You’re probably scratching your heads – light bulbs??? For the holidays? But think about it – many, if not most, gifts bring limited pleasure. Eventually, that brand-new latest thing often winds up broken, worn out, outmoded, or discarded in a dusty wasteland. LEDs, on the other hand, remain pleasingly functional for many years – over a decade, in fact.

It’s true. Many LED light bulbs burn bright for approximately 50,000 hours. Mathematically speaking, if a bulb is on for twelve hours per day, it will last about 11 years. During that time, the bulb becomes the gift that really does keep on giving. Here’s why.

With LED Light Bulbs It’s Just Like Putting Money In an Envelope

While many gifts cost recipients money through their electricity and battery usage, LEDs actually save dollars and cents. Extraordinarily energy efficient, an LED consumes around 500-kilowatt hours (KWh) of electricity over its 50,000-hour life cycle. By comparison, incandescent bulbs use about 3,000 KWh. Multiply the cost per KWh in the recipient’s hometown, and you’ll determine total savings per bulb.

Also, with longer life cycles come fewer bulb replacements. Therefore, the number of bulb purchases drop precipitously when LEDs are your light source. Instant money in the bank.

A “Bright” Gift Idea for Health Nuts

Many people will receive juicers, gym memberships, and other health-promoting gifts this year. The LED light bulbs belong right there with this health-conscious gift group. Able to align with our circadian rhythms, LEDs help stimulate natural biological processes that promote sleep. So after a day of kickboxing and berry blasts, bulb recipients will awaken refreshed, alert, upbeat, and ready to seize the day.

LED wellness even extends to the world’s very youngest gift-recipients. By creating biologically-correct lighting conditions, an LED bulb in baby’s nursery can help even the most stubborn, sleep-fighting infant to slumber through the night. As with adults, these sufficiently-rested babies generally have better dispositions and more energy than sleep-fighters. And mom and dad have fewer embarrassing tantrums to quell.

Something for the Aesthetically Inclined

From drawing kits to home furnishings, many holiday gifts connect with our deepest aesthetic impulses. LEDs do the same, providing clean illumination that ensures the highest level of color accuracy. From the fluorescent green necktie Santa brought you to the deep maroon of your Christmas-velvet draperies, hues look more pristine and natural in the precision-engineered illumination of LEDs.

LED light bulbs really are many gifts packed into a single glass globe … gifts that keep on giving for about eleven years. Maybe there are some people on your list who’d really like that. If so, Lighting Science has an amazing selection of LED lamps for all the stockings you have to stuff. Have a look. Maybe you won’t need to get that juicer after all.

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