Introducing Our New Avenue Series

Avenue Series

Next Generation of LED Products for Roadways and Communities Unveiled at Light Fair 2015

Melbourne, FL USA – May 20, 2015- Lighting Science Group Corporation (OTCQB: LSCG) officially unveiled its AVENUE Series of LED roadway solutions during Lightfair 2015 to tremendous excitement and interest. AVENUE is the culmination of research and development efforts to revolutionize the infrastructure market and take roadway lighting to the next level. It currently contains two highly-anticipated, next-generation products that are leading the way in their markets.

Created to address the unique lighting needs of rural and remote communities with limited access to the electric grid, the FreeLED™ high efficiency luminaire system is a reliable, affordable and sustainable roadway illumination platform utilizing solar energy as its primary power source. The Mini™ street light possesses a smart, minimalist design that saves on lifecycle implementation costs from materials to installation and energy – making it a low-maintenance, cost-effective LED solution. These advanced roadway lighting solutions will deliver big impacts in the infrastructure market.

With FreeLED™, “the future of LED roadway illumination is here”, said Fred Maxik, Founder and CTO of Lighting Science Group. “We are taking innovative infrastructure solutions to the next level by incorporating high-density solar panels, compact battery cells and a fully-integrated smart battery management system to create a product that is a safe, green and efficient lighting solution for many people. FreeLED™ is poised to take reliable and sustainable LED lighting to remote or off-grid locations that have traditionally suffered with limited options for affordable illumination.” FreeLED™ patented technology includes dusk to dawn dimming, up to a 3 day discharge based on the selected profile, automatic battery cell balancing and the ability to withstand wind gusts up to 150mph per AASHTO 2001 guidelines.

The Mini™ was designed for customers looking for an affordable, energy efficient and optically superior LED street light system. Engineered for ease of installation, especially in locations that often lack stable, extensive or affordable infrastructure, its sleek design provides easy installation and reduced energy consumption. Compared to a traditional roadway fixture, the Mini™ is 22% more energy efficient while using 75% less material. It has a built-in photo sensor for automatic on/off functionality and provides better quality light.

“We are excited to bring these new platforms to the market”, said Ed Bednarcik, CEO. “Lighting Science has a long tradition of leading the way in LED solutions through our commitment to utilizing science and technology to create better light and a better life for our customers. We are also focused on another key metric, which is “lumens per gram.” These products are just another step along the path of showing both the industry and our customers that it is possible to optimize cost and performance as well as sustainability. It’s at the core of what we do and these products will continue to expand our reach in the LED market.”

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