How LED Lightbulbs Can Improve Home Value

LED Lightbulbs

One of the best solutions for improving home value is also one of the least expensive. That solution is lighting. Despite the relatively low cost involved, proper lighting can enhance both the functionality and aesthetic appeal of virtually any room. And in the eyes of homeowners, buyers, and real estate professionals, that’s often worth a pretty penny.

The Most Important Room in Your Home

Out of all the rooms in your castle, the one that makes the biggest splash with buyers is the kitchen. At least, that’s the report from Better Homes and Gardens. For this reason, homeowners should give top priority to kitchen lighting. As with any artistic creation, you must draw the eye to those stunning stainless steel cook top, farmhouse sink, and gorgeous granite countertops. Otherwise, they’re just accessories lost in a hazy background.

LED Lightbulbs in overhead lamps are an excellent kitchen lighting option. Offering superior color accuracy and uniform light distribution, LED Lightbulbs beautifully capture all the important details of this highly influential room. Moreover, such precision lighting minimizes eye fatigue, enabling viewers to remain focused without interruption.

To really push things over-the-top, you have to remember that the kitchen is a workspace.  Having functional lighting above the areas where you prepare food, like the countertops, is a huge plus.  Adding LED lightbulbs under your cabinets not only provides functional lighting, it adds a layer of accent lighting, which gives the room more depth.

Getting Back on Track

No matter the room, track lighting adds flexibility to your lighting scheme and looks luxurious.  By making your lights directional, you are able to soften light by bouncing it off walls.  You can also use their directional light to accentuate textures or works of art. LED lightbulbs just so happen to add superior directional light.

Something to Reflect On

Also of supreme importance is that mirrored space where most of us run through the daily ritual of grooming and dressing – the bathroom. Because of the bathroom’s lofty position in the room hierarchy, people are apt to place great value on how well it’s lit. Ideally, you’ll want to go with a balanced, dual lighting approach. For mirrored areas, wall lighting generally makes the best impression on viewers. Showers and baths, on the other hand, shine best beneath overhead illumination.

Light You Can Feel

Along with basic functionality, ambiance also impacts a home’s perceived value. Again, lighting can make a huge contribution to the atmosphere of living spaces. This is particularly true for LED Lightbulbs, which set the standard for color accuracy. Blue LED Lightbulbs, for instance, can suffuse a room with an irresistibly soothing tranquility.

Don’t Forget the Outside

Maybe you can’t judge a book by its cover, but people often judge a home by its exterior. What’s outside reflects what’s inside, goes the thinking. Which makes the landscape a key player in establishing home value. Many experts believe that landscape design can increase a home’s value by as much as 20%. That’s a very good reason to unleash the potential of landscaping with impactful lighting. Here’s what proper illumination provides:

Curb-Appeal – Is your home eye-catching to passersby? Well-placed lighting on lawns and walkways can boost a home’s curb appeal tremendously. It’s a friendly invitation to enter your castle.

Security – A well-lit outside creates a kind of ‘safe zone’ in the eyes of homeowners and homebuyers.

Coziness – A house just feels more like a home in the warmth of exterior illumination.

Indeed, both outside and inside, proper illumination can impact a home’s value.

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