Fighting the Rising Energy Cost in Spain with LED Lighting

PROLIFIC Installation in Spain

We’re continuing our work to re-light the world with low-cost and long-lasting LED lighting.  LSGs high performance PROLIFIC series street lights now line the streets of Banyeres de Mariola Alicante, Spain. Compared with traditional HID street lights, the PROLIFIC LED series street lights are 50% more efficient, provide more uniform light distribution, increase light levels, and will save Banyeres de Mariola Alicante thousands of dollars in energy cost over the life of the fixtures.


“Communities all over Spain are struggling with higher energy cost — installing Lighting Science Group’s PROLIFIC street lights was a perfect solution to ease that problem,” said Mr. Antonio Belda Valero, Mayor of Banyeres de Mariola Alicante. “We looked at many other products on the market, but Lighting Science Group’s LED street light outshined them all in price, performance and longevity.”


Our CEO, Zach Gibler, said, “I would like to thank Eyeleds Spain SL for introducing our cutting edge products into Spain and INELBO S.A.U. for installing them.”

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