Definity Digital Biologically-Corrected LED light bulbs

Definity_Digital_Group Based on patented LED digital technology, our new line of light bulbs have been designed to improve sleep, support natural melatonin production, boost alertness, support plant growth and protect wildlife. While the light-bulbs will fit into your standard light socket (it’ll fit right into the bedside lamp you’ve had for years), these lights aren’t just replacement lights.  They deliver the same bright light that you expect from your traditional bulbs, but with additional health benefits.  In fact, the Good Night is the first biologically-corrected light using technology developed for astronauts on the ISS. LED lighting allows us to think of light in a completely new way; In the video below, Fred Maxik explains a new metric for lighting in his interview with the Wall Street Journal Live. Our scientists are focusing on creating light that will improve your lifestyle by maximizing your productivity and allowing your body to function on it’s natural cycle. The Definity Digital line is now available at and includes the Good Night™, Awake & Alert™, MyNature Grow™, and MyNature Coastal™.

  • Definity Digital Good Night uses patented, spectrum-filtering to greatly reduce melatonin-suppressing blue light, supporting your body’s ability to go to sleep easily and naturally.
  • Definity Digital Awake & Alert emits a blue-enriched light to increase energy, promote alertness and enhance performance.
  • Definity Digital MyNature Grow in traditional “purple” or “true white” promotes healthy plant growth from seedling to flowering and fruiting.
  • Definity Digital MyNature Coastal offers beachfront lighting for resorts and homeowners that is less disruptive to wildlife, including sea turtle hatchlings descending from their nest into the ocean.

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