My Mind Races At Night, Too … But That Actually Wasn’t What Was Keeping Me Awake.

Trouble Sleeping

In our Spotlight Series, we give the mic to people who have had unique experiences with their LED light bulbs. In today’s feature, one man recounts his bout with insomnia and how LEDs helped him fall asleep.

Why am I’m feeling so much better?

Because I’ve been sleeping so much better.

You wouldn’t believe everything I tried to help me sleep. My mind just kept racing a mile a minute, all night long.

The first thing I tried was pretty obvious. I gave up coffee. I figured it had to be caffeine, but after going without it for a few weeks I was still struggling.

Next, I took my friend up on her invitation to attend a meditation class she went to regularly, which she said helped her relax. I must say it was extremely rewarding and not only do I still attend the class, I meditate regularly. Meditation has given me many things, but, unfortunately, a good night’s sleep was not one of them.

Lack of sleep began to give way to complete exhaustion. I wasn’t a complete zombie and was able to get sleep here and there, but I wasn’t able to get it consistently. I had all this work to do and often I was too groggy to give it my full concentration. Something really needed to change, but I already tried everything under the sun … warm milk, giving up evening gym sessions, Soothing Sounds of the Amazon Rain Forests – Volumes 1 and 2, I even tried counting sheep.

I’m a very holistic person, but, as a last resort, I finally asked my doctor for a prescription and it got me to sleep, alright, but I was in a fog the whole day after. It was really not for me.

I really started to feel like there was no way out.

Then I found out my problem could be related to lighting. Like most people, I was using conventional incandescent bulbs in every room. I read an article that said they give off waves of blue light, same as the sun and those waves tell our bodies it’s daytime. As a result, you feel like staying awake.

After doing a bit more research, I learned that certain LED bulbs eliminate blue ‘daytime’ light and helped people with a thing called circadian disorder. I figured it was worth a shot, so I swapped the incandescent bulbs in my room and living room for nighttime LED bulbs. The articles I read also claimed that my tablet and phone emitted the same blue light waves, so I made the commitment to put those away at night too.

Almost immediately, I started getting a whole new sensation when I was in the LED rooms: a restful, peaceful kind of calm. With the blue light eliminated, my body seemed to sense it was nighttime. Instead of racing, my mind settled down into evening, rest-time mode.

I recently looked back at a picture from before the change and it was scary. I looked like a raccoon the bags under my eyes were so bad. I took it a few steps further and ordered proper blue light-wave emitting bulbs for my home office, which claimed to make people more alert and focused.   Now my entire house’s lights are in sync with the natural light spectrum of the sun and I feel awake when I’m supposed to and, more importantly, sleepy when I’m supposed to.

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