How to Choose the Best Recessed Lighting for your Home Renovation

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting fixtures– or downlights– are lighting fixtures that are typically built into the ceilings of houses. Low profile in application, recessed lighting provides a wide variety of lighting options. For homeowners planning or participating in a home renovation, there are a lot of recessed lighting fixture variations out there, so here are four things to take into consideration when planning your redesign.

Easy to Install

When doing a home renovation you typically want to use a contractor as little as possible to save money. Ease of installation will be critical to the success of a DIYer.  Utilizing a snap-fit mounting, our latest Glimpse ® Advantage fixture, for example, is designed to be retrofitted into an industry standard 4” or 6”recessed downlight. Even if there is no fixture installed where you need more light, the Glimpse also mounts directly to a standard 4” junction box (J-box).  Once installed, the fixture remains flush to the ceiling, giving your favorite living spaces a sleek aesthetic.

Quality Lighting

Quality can mean many things for a lighting fixture, but ultimately you’re going to look for aesthetically pleasing light. Recessed lights provide ambient lighting that is meant to be uniform and equally distributed.  As no one wants low-quality lights that cause eye fatigue, you should always use high-performance LEDs.  To provide superior color accuracy, you will need to look at a fixture or lamp’s Color Rendering

To provide superior color accuracy, you will need to look at a fixture or lamp’s Color Rendering Index (CRI). The CRI quantitatively measures fixtures and lamps against an “ideal” light source and has a maximum value of 100.  Any fixture with 90 + CRI will be close to the theoretical maximum value and, therefore, colors are accurately rendered under their light.

R9 is another value to look for as it denotes more vivid colors.  Skin tones, makeup, clothing, curtains, and artwork are typical examples of items that will suffer in tone with low R9 values.  Most commodity LED lamps will have R9 = 0 or even slightly negative values, which you would want to avoid.  The Glimpse Advantage has an R9 of 50, which is setting an industry standard.

Last, you want to have options for color temperature so that you can find the perfect color for your personal spaces. Warmer temperatures are typically on the lower end of the spectrum (2200K-3000K), standard “daylight” temperatures being approximately 4000K, and cooler colors with more of a blue hue are in the 5000K+ range.

Advanced Features and High Performance

An important performance feature needed to deliver quality lighting in your home is dimmability. That may seem like an obviously one, but when choosing fixtures you must first make sure dimmability is included and then you want to look for a strong range.  Some LED fixtures/lamps work with dimming switches, but may only dim down to a certain level, like 20%.  You want a wider range of flicker and noise free dimming.  Our Glimpse Advantage fixtures have a dimmable range of 10% to 100%.

Wet rating is an important consideration for installation areas around showers, baths, outdoor patios with covered ceilings, porte-cocheres, and pool areas you ideally want fixtures to be uniform and one way to avoid having a mix of different fixtures throughout your home is to make sure the option you choose is wet rated.

Finally, you want your high-performance fixtures and bulbs to be backed by a rock-solid warranty and a lengthy lifespan of around 50,000 hours.

The Downlight Reborn

We, of course, recommend our Glimpse Advantage downlight as they truly set the industry standard for downlights.  Since its recent release, the Glimpse has been making waves with home renovators with an eye for contemporary design, members of the construction and building industries seeking ultimate energy-efficiency, and retailers counting on ambient and task lighting to liven up the merchandise.

Simple, efficient, slender, and space-saving — Glimpse is a small package which provides big performance. For more information about this innovative contemporary lighting solution, reach out to Lighting Science. We’re ready to light the way.