Can LED Bulbs Look as Good as Vintage Incandescents?

Industrial Light Bulbs

Sure, they have huge energy appetites and they definitely don’t last very long. Nevertheless, there’s just no substitute for the warm, aesthetically pleasing look of vintage incandescent bulbs in an exposed fixture. Even if it means poor energy consumption, they are not something you easily replace. Futuristic-looking LED bulbs and their energy efficiency must take a back seat to the more visual appeal of incandescent bulbs, right?

Not quite.

Fortunately, industrial science has solved this riddle. (Doesn’t it always?) Manufacturers are working to create energy-efficient LED bulbs that capture the sensual look and feel of traditional incandescents. Call it the next step in the push toward familiarity.

Right Down to the Filament  

Industrial Light bulbsLighting Science has taken a big lead in this area with the introduction of our cutting-edge LED bulb — aptly named The Roxy after the iconic
marquee theater, whose signs famously brandish filament bulbs to light up their name on the front of the building. Designed to capture the look and feel of traditional lights, The Roxy features linear LED strips under clear glass, that resembles the coil we have grown used to seeing in traditional Edison bulbs.

The culmination of advancing lighting technology, The Roxy addresses the widespread appeal of vintage incandescent bulbs with modern efficiency. People are used to these traditional lights and absolutely love the way they look, especially with the recent explosion of industrial lighting and decor in interior design trends. With The Roxy, people don’t have to choose between aesthetics and energy efficiency.

Yes, the more things change, the more they stay the same, but in the best way.

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