The Drop-Proof, No Package Needed, Energy Efficient, Eco-friendly, Minimally Designed Durabulb™

Innovations are made when we stop accepting something the way it is and think of new ways to look at that device, technology, process or service.  Why does a light bulb need to be fragile and encased in glass?  Why should we sacrifice inventory space with large boxes and create waste with over packaging or deal with breakage?

We have all seen images of the islands of plastic waste accumulating in various parts of the ocean and we all have felt wasteful when discarding what seems like a lot of unnecessary packaging that protects or wraps our products. And it’s pretty obvious that this waste can only be reduced if we care enough to change the way we do things.

Lighting Science created the Durabulb for these very reasons. A bulb that can endure the inevitable bumps and drops with-out breaking and can resist damage from external stresses like vibration. This rugged design of course doesn’t need the same level of protection, so we were able to create packaging that is reusable and sustainable. And we didn’t stop there. Our engineers considered the possibility that some of the materials used in light bulbs were unnecessary.  They were right and we eliminated 30% of the material used to create each bulb.

Durability Without Sacrificing Quality

In this process, it was still very important to us to maintain our high standards of light quality and we were able to maintain the thresholds we demand in our bulbs, including:

  • Omni-directional illumination
  • Robust, lightweight design ideal for any A19 compatible luminaire
  • Lasts up to 10x longer than traditional rough service lamps
  • Two (2) color temperature options to match existing lighting installations
  • 80+ CRI
  • 3 Year warranty