10 Stylish Indoor Plant Displays

lsgc-blog-interior-plant-mainsIndoor plants bring a home to life, while creating jaw-dropping aesthetic wow? What were once a few leafy stems sprouting from grim clay pots are now becoming elaborate and clever designs. Today, with the added help of LED grow lights, anything and everything goes when it comes to creative, exciting houseplant displays. If you can dream it, you can have it, and it can transform your living space. For a glimpse of the possibilities, here are ten stylish indoor plant displays guaranteed to spark your imagination.

1. Just Hanging Around

Who says house plants belong on counters and floors? A vertical wall display offers a botanical breath of fresh air and can easily be supported with grow lights.

LED Grow LightsSource – www.craftionary.net

2. Grow With the Flow

The industrial chic design movement has given us this exposed chord trend, which was taken a step further to help support indoor plant growth!


3. How it Stacks Up

Stylish and space-saving defines this display.

stacking plants indoorsSource – www.fourgenerationsoneroof.com

4. Same Function. Different Look

Contemporary table design seamlessly merges the old and the new.

retrohouseplant standSource – www.eslamoda.com

5. New Possibilities for Pots

Is there hope for the potted plant or is it doomed to dullsville? The answer lies in creative decorating. In fact, you can decorate virtually any pot with your own hands, thereby saving money while proving your creative genius to the world.

getting crafty with houseplantsSource – www.balconygardenweb.com

6. Stepping Up

Plants arranged on a staircase create the ultimate flight of fancy.

Indoor PlantsSource – Light and Ladder

7. Do What You Can

Why should Andy Warhol have all the fun with soup cans? Any flavor will do.

LED Grow LightsSource – www.decoholic.org

8. A Tasty Dish

Simply add soil and assorted plants, and voila – garden on demand.

coffee n succulentsSource – www.vanhetkastjenaardemuur.blogspot.nl

9. Beauty from Above

The hanging fern perfectly displays the versatility of houseplant displays.

LED Grow LightsSource – www.apartmenttherapy.com

10. When In a Dark Place

Darker rooms needn’t be devoid of plant life! We can use grow lights or even make the plants a part of the fixtures.

LED Grow LightsSource – www.design-milk.com

Healthy Plants Have a Part to Play

No matter how clever we get with our indoor displays, if the plants are wilting or sagging our display will be ruined. As care-taking plays such a crucial role in optimal plant growth and development, many decorators shy away from fun plant arrangements out of fear of killing their decor, literally. Enter LED grow lights, proven lover and stimulator of houseplants everywhere. These lamps are loaded with advantages adored by the average geranium and domestic cactus.

A simple LED grow bulb can be added to almost any light fixture or lamp and simple timers can be easily installed to relieve you of any extra obligation or stress.  LED grow lights are extremely energy efficient, so these installations won’t have much of an effect on your electric bill. They also limit excess heat emissions, thereby controlling radiant temperatures. Overheating from less-efficient indoor grow lights sometimes creates high ambient temperatures – temperatures that actually can dry out or burn plant life. With LEDs, you won’t have to worry if the light from your window can reach the plant in the corner. Meaning, you can focus your full concentration on more important things, like watering!

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