Lighting Science has been awarded our 40th Patent for 2014!

This revolutionary patent gives Lighting Science exclusivity to create a lamp/luminaire that can tune light in order to help people sleep better, manage their circadian rhythm, and even effect time zone phase shifts.

Lighting Science Announces Scientific Advisory Board

Announcing the Formation of Our Blue Ribbon Scientific Advisory Board

We are excited to announce the formation of a Scientific Advisory Board whose mission is to advise Lighting Science® on the impact that LED technology has on biology, health and well-being.

Childhood obesity linked to sleep

You Are What You Sleep: New Study Links Early Sleep Patterns and Childhood Obesity

A fascinating new study showed how your children sleep may change their body composition – their lean body mass, total body fat, abdominal fat, and waist and hip circumference. The study showed tight links between kids’ not getting enough sleep as babies, toddlers, and preschoolers and becoming obese by age 7.


Community Building

We were so excited to participate in the 2014 Home Depot Foundation Community Building Invitational. This annual event is hosted by the Building Material departments and one of its main goals is to provide housing for U.S. Veterans.


The Patient Experience

The Cleveland Clinic is currently hosting their Patient Experience: Empathy + Innovation Summit at the Cleveland Convention Center. The summit hosts patient experience leaders from healthcare CEOs to policy makers to discuss all of the factors that drive a patient and their family's whole experience when receiving healthcare.

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